Product Introduction
Length82cm Width31cm Height16cm (maximum) Weight 2.1~2.3kg(Removable backpack straps: 500g)
咖啡-Style B
Product Feature
Product Description
 SGS Pressure Resistance Test                          Thermal Insulation Test              

 SGS pressure resistance 240kg, 30%damage      PEDI SteelShield Structure & CarbonFiber Case 

                                                                               Thermal Insulation Comparative Statement

 PEDI SteelShield Structure – The best protection for your instrument.

The Evolution of String Instrument Case

When people compare with the difference offoam case & wooden case, PEDI has already created new case revolution-SteelShield violin case!Safety, lightweight , multifunction and eco-friendly! PEDI meets your demands!

 The Patent Certificate of PEDI SteelShield Structure

  The measurement of the inner case

Others/ FAQ

 PEDI Removable backpack straps instructions

               Operating instructions

                                                    Step 1                                                                                             Step 2

     To align the zippers of backpack straps(A)& 08300 case.                                          To zip up A & B

                                                    Step 3                                                                         Set up finished.

                 To zip up the A&B around the 08300 case.